Thursday, March 11, 2021

A Bus Stop

Blog Catch Up: This really happened during June and July 2020, although the wording of the text makes it seem as if it happened today.

I have quite often passed a particular bus stop in the western suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden. I sort of liked the setup and decided to do a diorama of it. Here is a street view of it, from Google Maps.

The dioarama was to be built in the 1:35 scale, as all of my dioramas so far. I started the build with the bench, which was made out of brass rods and wood strips. Here it is, with the backrest still missing.

And here it is completed.

Next up was the bus stop sign, which was made of brass tubing and brass sheeting.


I made the actual signage in MS Power Point and printed it on ordinary printer paper, which I then glued to the sign. I also made time table boards and a waste paper basket.

Here is the bench and the sign. Obviously this picture was taken before I added the waste paper basket. 😀

With the "main actors" in place I started out on the dioarama itself, most of which was carved from extruded foam.

Eventually, it all came together like this.


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