Saturday, July 14, 2018


The "slug" diorama has been finalized. Here are some pictures.

Below, the name of the company that manufactured the iron tree grates, "Buderus", in 0.5 millimeter high letters.

Friday, July 13, 2018

A No Parking sign, and some 3D printed items

Yesterday I built the No Parking sign that sits in front of the wall and the fence.

I found graphics for the sign itself on the Internet, including the smaller additional sign with a dummy company name and telephone number. I substituted those for the real name and number using MS Paint and Power Point. I printed the sign on ordinary printing painter and glued it to a piece of styrene.

The post is a length of 2 mm brass tubing.

I tried to model the back of the sign as well, with the appropriate hardware that fixes the sign to the post.

Painting of the post and the back of the sign remains to be done.

Yesterday I also received the 3D printed tree grate and storm drain. Here they are, as received.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A fence ... and sprinkles

As can be seen in the background of the picture below (which is was the first picture in the first post about this diorama) there is a fence along the low wall.

So, I needed to model a short stretch of that fence. I used 1.5 mm brass tubing for the posts and the railing. The railing is not directly attached to the posts, but with L-shaped brackets. I used short pieces of 0.5 mm phosphor bronze wire for the brackets. The pictures below show the brackets soldered to the posts...(before the brackets have been cut to length)...

... and the railing soldered to the brackets.

The real-world fence has the ends of the posts and the railing fitted with some kind of balls or globes. I had some difficulties finding anything suitable for my fence. I.e. something round and sufficiently small. Finally I realized that I could use round sprinkles, the kind you sprinkle on ice cream! 😎

This picture shows the fence with sprinkles glued on. Yummy!

And finally, the fence painted black and installed on the diorama.

An autumn tree and a storm drain

A tree for the new diorama.

I made it an autumn tree since I wanted some variation from most other trees I have made. But also because I wanted to test out this product from Green Stuff World which I bought some time ago.

As you can see they call it "leaf litter". I think they mean that it shall be use to model leaves that has fallen to the ground, but I think it works for autumn leaves still on the branches as well.

I have also done some more painting and weathering on the diorama proper.

The large black rectangle is where the tree grate and the tree will go. The small one will be covered by a storm drain, which is being 3D printed along with the tree grate.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Walking the slug

My eldest son happened to spot this thing in one of Stockholm's southern suburbs.

What is this? A tree taking its armadillo-dog for a walk? Or is it a giant slug? Anyway, I though it could be fun scene to model.

The first thing I did was to do the orange creature itself. I made it from modelling clay, and it turned out like this.

Next I had a look around in Google Street View since I wanted to learn a little more about the closest surroundings. Here is an example screen shot.

Note that the protective fence around the tree closest to the "slug" is missing in the first (most recent) shot. Apparently it has been removed since it was doing no good anyway.

With the help of the photos I then started on the diorama itself.

I have also made a 3D model of the iron tree grate, which I have on order for printing. The grate is made up of 4 identical parts. The part is rendered like this.

That is the status as of today. Please stay tuned 😃

Saturday, June 2, 2018

A finished diaorama

The lamp post has been installed, and by that the diorama is finished! Here are some pictures. Night pictures at the very end (as dark as it gets here in Sweden this time of the year).

Making a lamp post, part 5

The lamp post is finished. Primed...

...and the painted a blue-grey color. As I remember, the posts had about this color. Maybe a little more towards green, but since I really do not know this will make do.