Monday, July 9, 2018

Walking the slug

My eldest son happened to spot this thing in one of Stockholm's southern suburbs.

What is this? A tree taking its armadillo-dog for a walk? Or is it a giant slug? Anyway, I though it could be fun scene to model.

The first thing I did was to do the orange creature itself. I made it from modelling clay, and it turned out like this.

Next I had a look around in Google Street View since I wanted to learn a little more about the closest surroundings. Here is an example screen shot.

Note that the protective fence around the tree closest to the "slug" is missing in the first (most recent) shot. Apparently it has been removed since it was doing no good anyway.

With the help of the photos I then started on the diorama itself.

I have also made a 3D model of the iron tree grate, which I have on order for printing. The grate is made up of 4 identical parts. The part is rendered like this.

That is the status as of today. Please stay tuned 😃

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