Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A fence ... and sprinkles

As can be seen in the background of the picture below (which is was the first picture in the first post about this diorama) there is a fence along the low wall.

So, I needed to model a short stretch of that fence. I used 1.5 mm brass tubing for the posts and the railing. The railing is not directly attached to the posts, but with L-shaped brackets. I used short pieces of 0.5 mm phosphor bronze wire for the brackets. The pictures below show the brackets soldered to the posts...(before the brackets have been cut to length)...

... and the railing soldered to the brackets.

The real-world fence has the ends of the posts and the railing fitted with some kind of balls or globes. I had some difficulties finding anything suitable for my fence. I.e. something round and sufficiently small. Finally I realized that I could use round sprinkles, the kind you sprinkle on ice cream! 😎

This picture shows the fence with sprinkles glued on. Yummy!

And finally, the fence painted black and installed on the diorama.

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