Thursday, May 24, 2018

Making a lamp post, part 2

The reflector of the lamp post model I am trying to replicate had quite a peculiar shape, as seen in the previous post. Like this (since I guess you do not remember or have not seen that post):

I could not figure out how to convincingly, and manually, create that form from plastic, metal or any other material. From brass using a lathe perhaps, but I do not have a lathe and would not know how to properly handle one, so I decided to once more pursue the path of 3D printing. After some struggling with the Web based 3D modelling tool I am using (Tinkercad) I managed to create a model that looks like this when uploaded to the 3D printing service (Shapeways):

I am eager to get the result delivered and see what it looks like in reality. My intention is to place a SMD LED inside it, and make the post actually work.

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