Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Making a lamp post, part 1

The last item on the diorama is a lamp post. And as all other things on the diorama, this one shall be as I remember it from my childhood in a Stockholm suburb. I scouted that neighbourhood for posts remaining from that period, but they have all been replaced. I did however manage to find some photos on the web, like this one.

Note the distinct shape of the lower part of the post. It is that part I was most eager to get right. But with only pictures like this it was hard to get the dimensions correct. But then one day I happened to, by pure chance, stumble upon two lamp posts closer to the city centre, where the only the upper parts had been replaced, and the lower parts remain in the original form. Like this.

Not in a very good shape, and not in the color I remember, but now I could get decent measures.

I have so far modelled the lower part of the post, using brass tubes of different dimensions, and styrene strips wrapped around the tubes.

So far so good. I'm now waiting for smaller dimension tubes for the upper parts.

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