Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A figure

A person actually doing something in a scene, tends to make the scene in question more interesting. Since the main feature of my diorama would be the telephone booth, a person making a phone call seemed to me to be the most logical choice.

In order to get a few figures to choose from I ordered a bunch of unpainted Preiser figures, namely their set #63000. It looks like this.

On the Preiser web page this set is listed under the scale 1:32-35, which is is just what I wanted. However, once I had the set in my hands I soon discovered that the figures are more towards the 1:32 scale than 1:35. Compared to my 1:35 telephone booth the gentlemen all looked like 2 meter giants! So the choice of which figure to put in the booth was made easier. It had to be the one of the smaller ladies.

I selected the young woman who stands as the 5:th person from the right in the picture above.

Since I wanted her to actually use the phone I started by doing some surgery on her. I cut and bent her left arm so that she would hold the telephone receiver in a natural way. Next I painted her, as shown below. I think she can pass as a young woman from the 1960's.

You have to excuse her starring eyes. My fault 😃